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We have been asked by many to forward questions to the TOTBL concerning their website and the following is a message and an answer now given to us that we wanted to share here before we close down the Ixaxaar FB website:

“The website of the Temple of the Black Light and the material shared through it have served its purpose and as that website and the outer teachings offered through it attracted too many people of the kind that we rather would have repelled the website does not serve any purpose any more. 

The teachings of the Current 218 will from now on only be spread via different printed publications and we shall remove our Work from the Internet in order to place more focus on the actual Spiritual Practices benefiting the true followers of the Path.

It is therefore our wish that our Work and our “copyright” be respected and that no unsanctioned websites or Facebook pages be created in our name. We hope that those who actually and truly follow the 218 Current and respect the Chaos-Gnostic Tradition aid in the enforcing of this our expressed will and treat any and all imposters accordingly. 

We have never had nor will we ever have a Facebook, Myspace or any other social media page and all such pages created by outsiders will only mislead seekers and counteract the current strategy of the Temple, whatever the actual intentions of the creators of such pages may be. 

We wish for the students and followers of the Current 218 the Empowerments and Illuminations of the Black Light and urge them all to be discrete, careful, mindful and ever watchful.

Temple of the Black Light – 218”

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